Board of Directors

Arun Gore

Arun leads Gray Ghost Ventures, an impact venture fund, as its President and CEO. He brings extensive experience in the wireless and telecommunications industries. He founded a management and operations consulting practice that focused on supporting US companies setting up business in developing countries. He was also a founder of an international energy products supply and logistics firm. Previously, as a member of the executive team with T-Mobile USA, he served as CFO of Cook Inlet T-Mobile.



An early leader at Cisco, Jim spent 20 years with the company in IOS Software Development, System Architecture, and Business Development achieving the title of Distinguished Engineer. His experience spans for-profit and non-profit work dedicated to improving access to communications in the developing world. Jim's work has focused on developing both technology and policy to pave the way for communications infrastructure across the globe.


Brad Wurtz

Brad is a seasoned Silicon Valley executive with experience in many technologies. Brad spent almost 10 years at Cisco, where he oversaw their high-end engineering group, managing the development of  the world's first OC-48 Router, and later running the Global Frame Relay/ATM as well as the Service Provider VOIP groups. Brad left Cisco in 2001 and founded what was one of the first early stage venture funds.

After he discovered he liked playing the game instead of coaching from the sidelines, Brad returned to the networking business, taking over as CEO to drive the turnaround of Caspian Networks, which he sold three years after repositioning the company from a maker of core routers to a supplier of high-performance Deep Packet Inspection devices. After Caspian Brad joined Compass Electro-Optical Systems to help them raise money to build the world's first electro-optical terabit router, which eventually raised more than $150M to bring the product to market.

Later Brad was one of the early employees at Power Assure, coming in before any fundraising to help define the company's mission, raise the necessary funding, and bring the product to market. After four years, and sales of approximately $10M, Brad left Power Assure to help as a consultant to various companies, through which he became well-acquainted with Range Networks. Brad joined as CEO of Range in November, 2016.


Harvind Samra

Harvind is responsible for OpenBTS’ architecture and the technologies behind Range’s solutions. He co-founded the OpenBTS project and has an extensive background in signal processing and radio modem design. He was previously a partner at Kestrel Signal Processing and a senior engineer at Rosum and Rockwell Collins. Harvind holds MS (Georgia Institute of Technology) and PhD (UC Davis) degrees in Electrical Engineering.