At Range Networks, we are driven by a simple mission:
to make mobile communications available and affordable to everyone in the world, wherever they want it.

Range Networks has pioneered an award winning, entirely new type of cellular network. Entrepreneurs and municipalities from all over the world are using it to bring mobile service to unconnected populations.

disruptive cost

In many countries traditional mobile networks are too expensive to bring every resident online at a profit. Particularly in remote towns and villages, the low population density does not justify the investment required to fund the conventional manufacturers' proprietary equipment.

Our technology connects people for less than 20% of the cost of equipment from traditional mobile vendors.

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Commodity Hardware

We have developed the first cellular network that does not require the base stations, switching centers, and a Core to be from a single vendor. Our solution runs on commodity Linux servers using a variety of off-the-shelf radios and amplifiers.

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2G to 3G in One Click

Because our solution is software based, upgrading a tower to the latest technology is a simple update away. Freely choose between GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS without any hardware modifications.

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Just Add Power + Internet

Say goodbye to forklift upgrades. There is no longer need for an expensive switching infrastructure. Tower installations need just power and an Internet connection to integrate with modern VoIP telephony, messaging and data services.

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Instructions Included

Mobile network expertise is not a prerequisite to implementing a successful installation. We have taken great care to abstract and automate many deployment steps and scenarios. You'll also be joining a network of entrepreneurs who share the same goals.

If you know VoIP or have experience as an ISP and want to build a business, we want to talk to you!

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Start Small and Grow

Mobile networks scale up. We also scale down. With even a few hundred subscribers, your network can be profitable. We grow with you, charging for the number of subscribers your support as opposed to a static fee.

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