Our Solutions


With a robust software-based solution, we can fundamentally change the equation. Range Networks’ software runs on inexpensive, off-the-shelf hardware (typically at less than 20% of the cost of custom hardware) to deliver full-featured mobile services, allowing the operator to make a profit while charging a price that almost any subscriber can afford.

Key advantages of Range’s approach include:

  • Cost: Order-of-magnitude reduction in capital expenditures and operating expenses; the network is a standard IP network with all the flexibility and operational benefits that implies.
  • Multiple protocol support: Different radio interface protocols can run as virtual machines on the same standard Linux-based server hardware, while sharing the same “IP core”.
  • Microcell to macrocell: The same software is utilized for microcell to macrocell coverage, with the operator or systems integrator mixing-and-matching off-the-shelf hardware for the most appropriate, complete coverage solution.
  • Flexible deployment: A solution provider can either virtualize network functions or implement a self-contained Linux OS base station.
  • Intelligence at the edge of the network: Range’s software implementation of access points on standard hardware opens up new possibilities in solution deployment. For example, a solution provider can choose to implement local packet routing intelligence or new caching strategies at the access network base station, or implement local control decisions.

The results are inspiring. These innovations enable new mobile communications operators who are delivering 2G, 2.5G, 2.75G and 3G functionality to the most remote and least-serviced regions of the world, connecting their customers to new commercial and financial services, to doctors and emergency medical response, as well as to educational resources — truly changing the world and triggering boundless opportunities.