Network Kickstarter Kit

Everything you need to start prototyping a network in one simple package.


Our kickstart kit is all you need to get a test network up and running. It includes a powerful processor and high-bandwidth radio capable of implementing all of our supported cellular standards. It also includes two test phones with SIM cards to have you making calls in minutes. All of this in a compact form factor appropriate for any workspace.

Because the Range solution is software based, you can upgrade or downgrade the test network as desired. You can even purchase a 2G GSM kit now and upgrade with a license for 2.75G EDGE or 3G UMTS later.

All kits have wide-band radios and are compatible across all defined GSM/EDGE/UMTS bands unless otherwise noted.


  • Our final stock of 850MHz-only kits has been reduced to only $2,300. This is an incredible price to get a GSM and GPRS network prototype started!
  • Our fully-loaded GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS kit is discounted $1,000 for a limited time.
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