Our Software: RangeSDMN

Range has developed a feature-complete, highly optimized base station firmware for cellular networks. It takes our core technologies and makes them usable by anyone with basic IP network experience.


SDMN - Software Defined Mobile Network

We build cellular networks using our software, RangeSDMN, running on Linux servers and commodity hardware. RangeSDMN lets you quickly deploy a new network at minimal cost, often less than 20% of what a traditional vendor would charge.

If you've upgraded a firewall firmware or made a backup of your router configuration, you will feel right at home managing your Range mobile network.. RangeSDMN includes everything you need: minimal underlying OS, optimized kernel, helper applications and a highly intuitive UI. Once installed, it transforms your server and programmable radio into a base station — without any additional work.

All of the configuration is done via a WebUI — no Linux experience needed. Software upgrades, configuration backup and restore, IP configuration, etc.: everything is point-and-click.

Carrier Grade Capacity

Our software is specifically designed to build carrier-class networks. In every possible way we have optimized performance and increased capacity. We support EDGE data rates, half-rate voice codecs, multiple beacon types, additional control channels, frequency-hopping in GSM and GPRS as well as features to reduce phone battery consumption. These are all examples of carrier-class features exclusive to our solution.

We usually operate up to four concurrent carrier signals using a single radio. In a GSM network, for example, this translates into 31 full-rate or 62 half-rate concurrent call legs. Other software-based solutions can do just a single concurrent carrier (7 concurrent call legs).


Baked-in Intelligence

Every deployment is unique. We've built up a wealth of experience over the years on best practices and optimizations. This knowledge is baked right into our software. Common deployment scenarios are automated, taking the guesswork out of optimizing each node.

Works Around the World

A new network deployed in your country should behave and sound like any other traditional network. We've made sure to include all of the necessary features to make this possible.

Multi-Node and Mixed-Node

With the 7.0 release of RangeSDMN, deploying multi-node networks is now also a point-and-click experience. Adding nodes to your network is straightforward and even mixing 2G and 3G nodes is a simple process.